Sunday, May 30, 2010

A LoveLetter especially for You

....and when I got home. 'fore I said ameen. Asking God to please, could play it again.

If only memories can be played again, there'll be no spice and sugar of living and surviving.

but that's wht am asking for.

To rewind back the time. Back to the time where I woke up and there's school waiting for me.

Harapan semata.

School. Lunch. Books. Uniform. Teachers. Friends. F.U.N


I miss those days.

I thought abt it. and now i write abt it.

Dear Allah,
I knw you couldn't play it again for me or anyone else. But you'll let it stay there, right here with me, kn? As you hear my evry thought, you see inside my mind and you feel evry feeling that i keep inside. In your love letter you said Allah knows the best.

So in this love note I say, I believe you :)

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