Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Inside the LoveLetter

Ummat Islam tidak akan menemui jalan buntu dalam masalahnya,

sebab kita ada Allah

You there.
You're heroes whether u've reached Gaza or not.

Kalau kita kecewa, mmg patut. Tapi jgn pernah putus harapan if we're in the right part.
Let us never stop pray for our brothers and sisters and jihad fisabilillah. Biiznillah.
Mcm yg kak syu ckp dlm sc smlm, ad byk cara utk kt b'jihad. Bukan dgn wang atau senjata faqad, malah ad byk lagi cara lain. Dan disenaraikan, ad lima jenis jihad:

1. Jihad annafs -melawan nafsu
2. Jihad binnafs- jihad bersama2 diri kita
3. Jihad kalimah
4. Jihad bilmaal-jihad m'gunakn money
5. Jihad melawan syaitan

Sama-sama kita muhasabah dan perbaiki semampu yg boleh, I'Allah.
Let us stand strong and fight till the last breath.

Indeed You've known that these hearts have bonded
forgather under Your love's shelter
gathering in obedience
allied in struggling
uphold Your order in this life.
Strengthen the bonds, everlast the love
and show us the ways.
Dear Allah, guide us, broaden our hearts
with grant of belief and the beauty in trusting You
revive us by knowing You
and give us death as the martyr in Your path
as You are the protector and the defender


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