Monday, June 28, 2010

Surat cinta dalam Masa

Laut ada ombak.
Ombak menghasilkan bunyi.
Malam tidak sunyi.
Bertemankan irama kaki kuda
serta kerata pada jalan raya.
Shatby-menyaksikan peristiwa malam dengan setia.

saya kira.


kira ap?


Mungkin ini surat cinta terakhir yang dpt saya terbangkan dari bumi Iskandariah.
Mungkin juga tidak.

Bergantung pada masa.

Mengapa diri yang bergantung pada masa?
Bukan diri sndiri kah yang sepatutnya menguruskan masa?



It goes,
tick, tock and tick.

I cannot say it's moving.
I cannot say it's walking.
I cannot say it's running.
I cannot say it's flying.

Because I've never seen Time.

Time deserves not to be judge.
It deserves to have freedom.
It deserves to be treated nicely.
Time just gives us choices to make decisions.

It gives us a Moment to share.
an Hour to ponder.
a Minute as an extra.
and a Second to breathe.

So I choose not to blame Time.

Verily man is in loss, Except such as have faith, and do righteous deeds, and join together in the mutual thinking of truth, and of patience and constancy.

"If the people were to ponder on this surah, this would be sufficient for them."

-Imam Shafi'i-

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