Monday, August 24, 2009

Define Blog

Still coping with Ramadhan?
Saja ingin remind myself, and you maybe that we're still in Ramadhan,
so, jgn sia-siaknnya.
Together everyone achieve more ok?
InsyaAllah ;))

For my dear readers yg still coping and hoping me to continue
my blog called 'monologsrikandi',

I have to tell you that I have to stop writing that blog untuk seketika.

Sorry, I'm not a person yang boleh focus on too many things.

But InsyaAllah, jika diizinkan,

I'll come back

and continue with the story yang belum sempat tamat.

definitely, I'm not going to leave that blog,

and biarkan those characters lost tanpa hala tuju.

I'm gonaa miss those watak-watak yang digubah oleh sepasang minda bernama
imagination berteraskan Ilham yang diberi olehNYA.

Tulus menceritakan gambarannya

We'll meet again InsyaAllah ;))


cikdoktorfalsafah said...

dah bace Ked's Story?
vry sweet from Hlovate :D

thanks fr the comment.
i missed your words!

nusaibah said...

ked's story=not yet dear.

still finding times..
and tadaa, xde masa yg sudi
terime offer hlovate stakat nih.

InsyaAllah cuti sem nnt adla mase kut.
huhu. (hope so)

amyy da bce an??
(jeles ok)

btw, keep on writing ure blog.
ure words are d awesomest ^^