Monday, July 20, 2009

Al-Waqtu Kassaif

Walaupun utk seminggu shj, still ia adlh satu nikmat. Kan?
Then after mid break, we're going to have the Mid-Sem Exam.
27 July- Essential Grammar (Note to Jira: it's G R A M M A R not Grandma) xD
28 July- Drama
29 July- Oral Communication; Public Speaking
30 July- Introduction to Human Sciences
1 August- Basic Themes of Al-Quran
As for the assignments, and speeches outline, I have to complete them all in this week. Basically, I'm not in a holidays mood bcs I'm not getting the holidays treats.
Even so, staying at home is better than staying at the Mahallah Ummu Salamah.
Bersyukur dengan segala ujianNYA kerana itulah sumber kekuatan mu.
Rabbuna Yusahhil

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