Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Love and you Shall be Loved


Didn't you?

* * * * *


lovers of words

lovers of the sky

lovers of the stars

lovers of the moon

lovers of all loves

lovers of ArRahmaan

lovers of ArRahimm

hopefully, semua biخير

All praises to Allah =)

This picture, it speaks louder than words

Nampak nikmat.
Nampak Indah.
Manisnya Cinta Ilahi.

It's like, as if those few minutes, were created just for Us.

My Love,
There's only You in my life,
The only thing that's right.

My first Love,
You're every breath that I take
You're every step I make.

And I want to share all my love
With You,
No one else will do

And yes.
You'll be the only One.
Because this love I have inside,
I'll give it all to You

My Love,

My Endless Love

Allah, Berbalaskah Cinta ku...

“Kerana itu, ingatlah kamu kepada-Ku nescaya Aku ingat (pula) kepadamu, dan bersyukurlah kepada-Ku, dan janganlah kamu mengingkari (nikmat)-Ku.” [2 : 151 ]

Didiklah hati kami.
Jagalah hati kami.
Peliharalah hati kami.
Suburkanlah hati kami, dengan Cinta Mu,
dan hanya Cinta Mu

Goodnight lovers

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