Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kisah Pelangi dalam Surat Cinta

There's a land I heard of Once in a lullaby..

She said, you'll find a rainbow after a rain.

I wondered, how the rainbow looks like.
So she drew it for me. It doesn't look good.
But it does has colours. That will do the touch-up.
I said, I'll keep the drawing in my pocket. So I did.

Dear rainbow, please don't run away from me


I walked.
and walked.
and walked.

I waited.
and waited.
and waited.

after that
I prayed
and prayed.
and prayed.

I prayed to God for a rain.

Because she said, the rainbow can only comes after a rain.
I was afraid that I missed the rainbow. It is possible, bcs the drawing doesn't look quite right. But I still keep it in my pocket as I trust her.

That was when I started waiting for a rain to open the door
for the rainbow.
But it never came to knock at the door.

May be a leprechaun would help.


I went down the road, climbing up the hill, straight to the left and back to the right

I walked, and walked, and walked.
I waited, and waited, and waited.
I prayed, and prayed, and prayed.

Then I walked again

down the road,
up to the hill,
straight to the left
and back to the right

...and it is Over the rainbow where I'll go.

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cikdoktorfalsafah said...

i love your words ey.

dan saya, pernah jadikan cik Pelangi sebagai nickname. hehe.

nusaibah said...

They're nt my words sis.
They're english's words.
haha. jk. thnx. i'm fallin in love with rainbow lately.

cik pelangi? sucha cute nickname ;))

Muhd Arif Ihtifazuddin bin Asmin said...

i'll let u fall becuz when u stand back u'll learn more how to move smoothly haha ;P

btw lawa pic rainbow tu, and suke lagu blog ni ;)

but u should realise, pelangi makin dikejar makin jauh ;D

nusaibah said...

rep; but as a friend, u shud help ure friend supaye tidak fall. thoe failures are good. but siape yg nk fail? to fail is a situation tht u cnnt run from. but when u fail, learn frm it. but u can also learn frm success. btter elak drp merawat. tht's my perception.haha.

thnx ;) lagu?-over the rainbow. kt ske gak lgu uh. hee.

bout the pelangi, myb pndgn anda tntg rainbow lain frm hw i interpret it. sokay. it is meant to be interpreted differently. p/s: klau pelangi lari makin jauh pun xpe. i love challenges ;P

ciCit CiNo said...

word korg..~mmg sesuai jd blogger..
papepon NICE!! ;)

nusaibah said...

saya hnylah blogger jlnn yg bkn prefessional.
writing stuffs here and there,
just to spread a smile thru the air
to show the world that I'm happy this way.
but still life needs changes for a new day.
anywys, thnk you :)